Mi 9.0 Pie Review – Features, Looks, Design, Performance


MI9 – a new member of the Nokia family, is introduced in India. The phone has been designed by an eminent mobile phone expert, Mr. Sunil Nigam. This handset is designed with a user friendly interface, a first for any smartphone in India. According to experts, this new handset does not look much different from the older counterparts, which is quite disappointing for the customers. However, it has been designed keeping the user experience in mind. To know more about the phone’s features, read on.

MI9 is a new member of the Nokia family. As compared to the older versions of Nokia smartphones, this smartphone is priced at a very low price tag. The lowest price of Xiaomi Mi 9 SE available in India is 303, rupees and it is presently available across various online stores in India and US, and also in various parts of the world such as UK, Australia, China, etc. The best place where to buy this smartphone is obviously, through an authorized Nokia store. The reason why many people feel that buying the smartphone from an authentic store can save them money is because they can avail a low price tag.

The major selling feature of this device is the 12MP camera with PDA interface. The primary selling factor of this handset is the fact that it has a high pixel camera with high resolution. The best part of the device is that it comes with a color screen. This is a first in the Nokia lineup and is sold as a part of the package when the customer buys the handset. This feature helps customers to compare prices from different retailers and buy the device at the most affordable price.

The Mi 9 comes with a sleek body, sporty look, striking colors and a main camera resolution of 16 megapixels, a step up from its predecessors, the iPhone 6 and LG G Pro. However, compared to its counterparts the handset offers a slightly smaller screen size. However, users find this small size to be very comfortable to use. The phone has a soft touch display and comes with capacitive and ion battery. Users find that the soft touch display has an accurate response time and hence one does not have to deal with the random lags that plague most smartphone devices.

Apart from the large Super AMOLED Plus display and the powerful main camera and its high pixel camera resolution, the Mi 9 also features another unique feature called as the triple camera feature. This allows users to take photos of multiple subjects by using different pictures for each one. The device is designed to work with any kind of imaging software and hence can be used to shoot images on the go. Furthermore, it also supports augmented reality applications, which work like digital stickers or animated images. Users can import these images or use their own photos and make their phones turn into portable art galleries. Mi 9

The Mi 9.0 Pie also features a very large in-display fingerprint scanner. Unlike the iPhone and the LG G Pro, the Mi 9.0 Pie does not support Sony Ericsson’s Active Pulse fingerprint technology. However, the device does support HID, meaning that it has HID projector technology, just like the iPhone 6s and the LG G Pro. The new handset also offers a fast charging system that offers fast charge times to users. Apart from the fast charging, users can also enjoy 4K video recording thanks to the front shooter and other features like Face recognition, slow motion recording and photo stabilization.


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