Reasons to Prefer the Samsung Galaxy A03S


The Samsung a03s is one of the most impressive smartphones in the industry today. It certainly packs quite a punch though. At only a little over two hundred pounds it certainly packs a wallop and all of that from a small screen to a bad battery life and a shallow user experience. The phone may appear lacking for some consumers, but given how cheap it is it really comes as a very good deal. So, let’s have a look at what Samsung A03s has to offer the public.

As always you should first of all take a look at the hardware of any smartphone, particularly one this large. The Samsung a03s has a dual touch display which is certainly big and bright. It helps to make the phone feel much more spacious than its contemporaries. The large 4GB internal memory coupled with the excellent quality of the LCD screen means that this smartphone will have no problem storing up plenty of media. It will not, however, hold a load of games and other apps as the same amount of space will be taken up by the cards inside. As for the camera, the internal memory isn’t anything special and just has a decent amount of storage. samsung a03s

When it comes to power, this smartphone offers you very little. For everything that you do on your smartphone, you will only find that the phone is quick enough to fire off those actions. With a single charge, the Samsung A03s can give you a whole day of work on the go. This is especially helpful if you travel a lot on a regular basis or if you simply use the internet for everything but essential email. With fast charging, the Samsung A03s can even last you through a business day and still make you money.

If you would like to purchase a smartphone that can also play music and videos, then you should definitely consider purchasing the Samsung Galaxy A03s. For many, music and video are one of the most important features of a smartphone and as such, the Samsung Galaxy A03s provides users with the chance to take all their favourite audio and video files along with them wherever they go. This can be done via its built in micro SD card which will allow you to connect directly to any micro SD card compatible device. By doing this, you will not have to worry about sending all of your favourite music and videos directly to your phone and instead, you will be able to carry them around with you.

Samsung’s latest smart phone comes with a fingerprint scanner on its home key and as such, the user can rest assured that complete security is guaranteed. Fingerprint scanning is one of the most secure ways of unlocking the Samsung Galaxy A03s and as such, this feature is something that users will appreciate. Other features present on the handset include a nine-point capacitive navigation bar, an impressive dual-screen mode and a high-definition video recording system. The Samsung Galaxy A03s also offers a large internal memory, which comes in handy if you wish to download some apps or games onto your phone. With a large memory, you will find it easy to download new applications without the need for memory space that is rapidly running out.

With a powerful chipset and a large amount of storage, the Samsung Galaxy A03s gives you the chance to store all of your favourite photos, songs and movies. If you would like to check your email on the go, then you should definitely consider purchasing one of these devices that come preinstalled with Google Now. The android 11 os features a very fluid interface and is also one of the most advanced smartphone operating systems available. This means that this phone will allow you to use your Gmail account and even have access to your calendar from within it.


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